The Articles of Incorporation of Nekoosa State Bank were signed on March 14, 1913 by Dennis D. Conway, Franklin J. Wood, Guy O. Babcock, and Henry E. Fitch. Having original capital stock of $20,000 and a surplus of $5,000, the bank opened for business on December 16, 1913.

Nekoosa State Bank became Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank on December 13, 1948.  The following year a branch was opened in John Alexander's new shopping center in Port Edwards.  The Port Edwards branch remained in the shopping center until 1977, when it moved across the street to 240 Market Avenue. 
LeRoy W. Sigler became president in 1980.  LeRoy's son, Robb Nash Sigler, took over the position of president in 1995.
Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank branched out again to the Rome area in 1990.  Six years later, a new building was erected, which is still being used today.
Robb N. Sigler
 Jay Grode
Vice President
Rome Branch Manager
Mert Scheffler
Port Edwards Branch Manager
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